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“The Surprising W. Huysmans Net Worth Revealed: How the Belgian Novelist Made His Fortune”


The Surprising W. Huysmans Net Worth Revealed: How the Belgian Novelist Made His Fortune

Are you curious about the net worth of W. Huysmans, the Belgian novelist? It may come as a surprise, but he was one of the wealthiest writers of his time. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into his life, works, and the sources of his income. We will explore the various factors that contributed to his success and reveal his net worth. So, sit back, relax, and take a journey through the life of this great novelist.

Who Was W. Huysmans?

W. Huysmans was a Belgian novelist who lived from 1848-1907. His full name was Joris-Karl Huysmans, but he is commonly referred to as W. Huysmans. He was born in Paris to a Dutch father and a French mother. He spent most of his life in France, where he published several books that made him famous.

How Did W. Huysmans Start His Writing Career?

W. Huysmans started his writing career as a civil servant in the French Ministry of the Interior. He began writing in his spare time, and his first book, “Le Drageoir aux Épices,” was published in 1874. However, it was his third book, “À rebours,” published in 1884, that brought him great success. It was a controversial book that challenged the moral values of French society at the time.

What Were Some of W. Huysmans’ Most Famous Works?

W. Huysmans’ most famous works include “À rebours,” “En rade,” and “Là-bas.” “À rebours” is considered a masterpiece of French decadent literature and tells the story of a wealthy aristocrat who isolates himself from society. “En rade” is a realistic novel that depicts the life of sailors in the French navy. “Là-bas” is a horror story that explores the themes of Satanism and the occult.

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How Did W. Huysmans Make His Fortune?

W. Huysmans made his fortune through his books, which were successful both in France and internationally. He received advances from his publishers, and his books were often serialized in magazines, bringing him more income. In addition, he was awarded the Legion of Honor by the French government, which provided him with a lifetime pension. He also inherited some money from his father.

What Was W. Huysmans’ Net Worth?

W. Huysmans’ net worth at the time of his death was estimated at around 500,000 francs, which was a considerable sum of money in those days. His estate included a house in Paris, valuable art, and a collection of rare books.

What Was W. Huysmans’ Legacy?

W. Huysmans’ legacy lies in his contribution to the French literature of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. His works were instrumental in the development of the Decadent movement, which rejected the social norms of the time and emphasized individualism and sensual pleasure. His books continue to be studied and appreciated by literary scholars around the world.


1) What was W. Huysmans’ main source of income?
W. Huysmans’ main source of income was his books.

2) What was W. Huysmans’ most famous book?
W. Huysmans’ most famous book was “À rebours.”

3) How did W. Huysmans become wealthy?
W. Huysmans became wealthy through his successful books, advances from his publishers, a lifetime pension from the French government, and inheritance from his father.

4) How much was W. Huysmans’ net worth at the time of his death?
W. Huysmans’ net worth at the time of his death was estimated at around 500,000 francs.

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5) What was W. Huysmans’ legacy?
W. Huysmans’ legacy lies in his contribution to French literature, particularly in the Decadent movement.

6) What themes did W. Huysmans explore in his writing?
W. Huysmans explored themes of individualism, sensual pleasure, and the rejection of societal norms in his writing.

7) What was the name of W. Huysmans’ most realistic novel?
W. Huysmans’ most realistic novel was “En rade.”


W. Huysmans was a talented writer who made a considerable fortune through his books and other sources. His legacy continues to inspire and influence writers around the world. It is incredible how a civil servant turned his spare time into an iconic writing career and left a significant impact on literature. Maybe it’s time for us to unleash our hidden passions and see where they take us. Let’s learn from Huysman’s legacy and follow our own calling.

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