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How Much is Olaf Hytten Worth? Find Out His Net Worth and Career Highlights!



Do you remember watching ‘The 39 Steps’ or ‘The Adventures of Robin Hood’? If yes, then you might be familiar with the character who played the Nordic Innkeeper role in these classic movies – Olaf Hytten. People often wonder how much his net worth is, so we did some research and found out some interesting information. Read on to learn about Olaf Hytten’s career highlights and his estimated net worth.

Who is Olaf Hytten?

Olaf Hytten was a Norwegian actor who became popular in the Golden Age of Hollywood. Although he never played a leading role in any movie, he still managed to maintain his position and recognition in the industry through his unique character performances. He was mostly known for his roles like the Nordic Innkeeper in ‘The 39 Steps’ and the Friar Tuck in ‘The Adventures of Robin Hood’.

Olaf Hytten’s Net Worth

Estimating Olaf Hytten’s net worth isn’t an easy task. However, according to various sources and estimates, his net worth ranges between $100,000 to $1 million. Olaf’s successful career and being part of Hollywood’s Golden Age would likely mean that his net worth was higher than its lowest estimate.

What were Olaf Hytten’s Career Highlights?

Olaf had a successful acting career spanning over 35 years. He appeared in over 160 films and TV shows during his career. Some of his career highlights include playing the role of Captain Ericson in ‘The Last Voyage’, Dr. Torsten Barring in ‘The Last of Mrs. Cheyney’, and Professor Alexis in ‘Warlock’.

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What Other Movies did Olaf Hytten Appear in?

Apart from the movies mentioned above, Olaf appeared in many other significant films, but often in supporting roles. Some of the movies he appeared in include:

  • ‘The Invisible Man’ (1933)
  • ‘The Mummy’ (1932)
  • ‘The Little Princess’ (1939)
  • ‘I Married a Witch’ (1942)

Olaf Hytten’s Personal Life

Olaf was born in Norway, December 22nd, 1888. He was trained in a Norwegian theatre school and started acting in London’s West End in the early 1900s. Hytten emigrated to the United States in the 1930s, continuing his career in Hollywood, California. Olaf Hytten married twice and had two children.


1. What was Olaf Hytten’s most famous role?
Olaf Hytten’s most famous role was the Nordic Innkeeper in the classic movie ‘The 39 Steps’.

2. How many films did Olaf Hytten appear in?
Olaf Hytten appeared in over 160 films and TV shows throughout his acting career.

3. Was Olaf Hytten born in Norway?
Yes, Olaf Hytten was born in Norway on December 22nd, 1888.

4. Where did Olaf Hytten start his acting career?
Olaf started his acting career in London’s West End in the early 1900s.

5. What is Olaf Hytten’s estimated net worth?
Olaf Hytten’s estimated net worth ranges between $100,000 to $1 million.

6. How many children did Olaf Hytten have?
Olaf Hytten had two children.

7. When did Olaf Hytten pass away?
Olaf Hytten passed away from complications from heart surgery on March 11th, 1955.


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Olaf Hytten’s contribution to Hollywood will remain forever. He may not have been the leading man in any movies, but his unique character performances earned him a special place in the industry, and among movie fans worldwide. Olaf Hytten’s net worth may not be as high as other actors of his era. Still, his remarkable career in the Golden Age of Hollywood will always be remembered by audiences for generations to come.

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